The Security Printing Press of Oman (SPPO) is an ISO Certified printing firm that conceives and produces highly secure documents and smart cards ranging from “Magnetic Ink Character Recognition” (MICR) checks to e‐passports and various electronic banking / Identification cards.

The ever‐growing list of international customers provides a resounding testimony to the dedication and perseverance of SPPO in delivering total security printing solutions and achieving worldwide recognition for its products in this field. SPPO works closely with its customers to produce tailor‐made security and authentication product solutions. The resulting product portfolio is continuously evolved to incorporate the most advanced security and authentication features and further reduce or eliminate the possibility of fraudulent duplications. The portfolio, which also includes highly secure software applications and imaging systems, covers several product areas and solutions of which:

  1. Digital Passports Systems
  2. Secure Visas
  3. Secure I.D. cards
  4. Secure Documents
  5. Smart (single/2D bar‐coded) forms
  6. Holograms
  7. Check Book Bureau Service
  8. Bank card production (magnetic‐stripe and smart cards)
  9. Credit cards embossers/encoders & printers
  10. Smart cards encoding and personalization